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"I enjoy paranormal puzzle. You're not judged or laughed at. Some serious conversations about the Paranormal."
                                                                                   - DAVID (NEW YORK)
​Let's start off with a simple question. "WHAT IS THE COMPOSITION OF A GHOST?"
​Let's start off by looking at some of the data and stories that have been collected over the years. Many people speak about seeing apparitions by the lake, during thunderstorms, during full moons, during solar storms and are witnessed more in locations such as basements, bathrooms and kitchens. Many apparitions are observed walking out or manifesting in those mentioned locations. Did you ever stop to ask yourself why all of the above happens? Are you beginning to see a pattern yet? Let's continue.
What about the equipment being used. Well, we know that when we capture an apparition on video or a photo, the apparition appears in a more foggy like state. Sometimes they appear more white with some color and other times they appear dark, more like a shadow. Ghosts can, on occasion, be heard with the naked ear. Other times they are heard via digital recorder. When an entity is in the area it has been discovered that EMF readers spike, temperature decreases and the humidity rises. The full spectrum camera can also capture apparitions within another light spectrum. How about now? Are you seeing a pattern with all of this? It's time begin combining all of this!
Now watch what happens!
What do the lake stories, bathrooms, kitchens and basements all have in common? They all contain higher humidity. Basically there is more water in all of those environments. What does the moon effect? The tide and sometimes people. What are the tides made out of? Water! What are people mostly made out of? Water! Is water a cooling substance? Yes! What about Thunderstorms? Do they contain a cooling substance and higher humidity? Yes! Can Thunderstorms generate EMF? Yes! Can Thunderstorms create sound? Yes! (Thunder) What is Fog? A thick cloud of WATER droplets suspended in the atmosphere near the Earth's surface! Ghosts have been seen more during Thunderstorms and in foggy environments. When you feel dehydrated you lack...water! Humidity and EMF can be registered in other light spectrum's as well. 
So ghosts create EMF spikes, can disrupt electrical devices like lightning can, manifest in more humid environments, usually creates temperature drops, can be seen using equipment that registers other light frequency ranges, can create sound, appear foggy and can appear as light or dark manifestations just like clouds. The moon has an effect on the activity as well. So...about these theories about ghosts just being made out energy and/or EMF....seems like there is more to the picture that no one bothered to consider, don't you think? But now this leads to several other categories.   

What about Intuitive Consultants, kids and animals? What can we learn about them based off of the discoveries listed above?