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                             ABOUT UINI RESEARCH


"I'd like to say that the Paranormal course that I took was probably one of the most engaging and fascinating views on the Paranormal that I've ever had. the way the course functions and the way it's presented are beyond anything I've ever seen."
                                                                                   - THOMAS (NEW YORK)
                            MISSION STATEMENT
As an investigation and research organization, the Uini Research paranormal organization has a mission to research and investigate unexplained phenomenon, provide outstanding professional services to clients, researchers, other paranormal investigation teams and attempt to enlighten the public on the truth about religion and the paranormal.

  The Uini Research paranormal organization has a responsibility to:

-Educate our clients in order to meet future paranormal investigation and research needs.

-Foster research that leads to scientific advancements and the improvement of paranormal investigation and research techniques.

-Providing new scientific advancements in the field so that we may better assist our clients, researchers and other paranormal investigation teams.

-Provide a broad range of services to clients, researchers, religious organizations and other paranormal investigation teams.

-Unite clients, researchers and other investigation teams.

This mission will be achieved through dedication, excellence, professionalism, diligence and fiscal responsibility.
Uini Research, a paranormal organization based out of New York State, is focused on the truth regardless of what the truth is and how uncomfortable the truth may be. It is said that the "truth will set you free". This is definitely true, but of course with truth comes push back until the truth is accepted. We at Uini Research have accepted this fact and continue to push forward with the research that we do regardless of the backlash. 

We are considered "controversial in a already controversial field". We do not follow the typical paranormal research tactics that the paranormal field has adapted and we do not follow the fields theories. Though we keep the fields theories in the back of our minds, we have chosen to build theories from the ground up and also test the current theories that have been presented by the paranormal field. This has helped us provide better and more thorough services for our customers.

We do not focus on just one area of the paranormal field. Instead, we go wherever our research takes us and we take the time to educate ourselves in other categories of the paranormal, religion and modern day science in order to be able to put the pieces of the "Paranormal Puzzle" together. As a result of this approach, we have been able to help change the lives of many people from all around the world for the better! We have been bringing spirituality and family values back into peoples lives.

Uini Research looks to bring out the best in others and focus on bringing out the untapped potential hidden within us all. We see the "leader" in everyone and focus on bringing those abilities to the light so that others may see their true potential. To us, certifications and degrees do not mean anything when it comes to potential. Everyone learns differently! Some can go get a college degree easily, because they have a talent to succeed in that environment and learn with that method. Others learn from "on the job" experience. We also understand there are many forms of intelligence. We take all of this into account. 

We have developed theories such as the "Thunderstorm Effect", the "Demonic Frequency", "Color Frequency Effect", the "Rainbow Effect" and many others! We have and still are researching such topics as Nibiru, Spiritual Activity, Intuitive Abilities, Self-proclaimed Messiahs, Torah Codes, Numerology, Ancient Texts, Ufology and much much more! We understand that our research is controversial, but it is necessary. Our team remains neutral-minded until we have enough documentation where the theory can be considered a fact. We go by one saying: "Facts don't care about your feelings or your beliefs".