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       UNITY                              TRUTH                           VISION

Thank you for your interest in playing an active role! Our goal is expand and bring our love and light to others. With your support, this will become a reality. There are many benefits for each membership package. One benefit is that if you are registered with one of the memberships below, you will receive 10% of the funding received for every person who you reference that either signs up for a membership or one of our services/products! They MUST advise us of who referenced them.

There is also one other benefit that accompanies all membership packages. We know that you are trying to help our support group expand and travel as well as helping the Uini Research organization expand its' research operations. Knowing this, we have chosen to split the revenue received into three categories: Uini Research Budget, Tax Budget, Congregation Budget. 

The Congregation Budget is the Congregation budget for the entire group. You will be able to suggest activities and vote for where that budget money goes to. The amount placed in this budget may change periodically depending on the tax status we fall under and the immediate needs of Uini Research for the organization to continue operating, but there will always be something placed into the Congregation Budget. 


3 MONTH MEMBERSHIP                          BENEFITS                         YEARLY MEMBERSHIP




- 50% OFF of Uini Research Online Courses.
10% OFF Uini Research Products. (i.e. Books)

- All of the above.
- 10% OFF of any Uini Research Events.
- Receive FREE theory development packets from Uini Research.

- All of the above.​
- Receive (1) FREE Intuitive Consultation by Uini Research Intuitive Consultants during the 3 month membership and (4) during 1 year membership.

-All of the above.
- Receive 10% OFF of all other Uini Research services during the 3 Month Membership and 25% OFF with the yearly membership. 





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