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                    ABOUT JOHN EDWARD GRIFFIN II
Many people are affected by the paranormal every day. They become outcasts from society, become emotionally and spiritually destroyed. I know this, because I am one of those people. I had lived through a haunting since nursery school. My first encounter was a positive one, thankfully. I saw what I believed to have been an angel outside of my playroom window when I had just turned 4 years old. I can't say the same for the rest of my encounters. As a kid, I dealt with 5 different entities. One of them was bad and did not like children. Before I knew the word "ghost" I referred to them as "disappearing people". I told my friends about these experiences in Nursery School and Elementary School. In many cases I wished I hadn't. Their parents would tell my friends to stay away from me and as a result I almost never had friends for almost my entire childhood. In one case I tried to go play outside and had a Bible thrown at me. The kid who threw it yelled, "God hates freaks"!
​Paranormal research and Nintendo were my life. That is all I had to keep me occupied. I began researching the paranormal as a kid. I started off reading some of the books and watching some of the television programs. Once my family got the internet, it opened up a whole new world of study for me. The haunting would become increasingly worse over time. Most of the time I was lucky if I got 3 hours of sleep. I would try to nap during lunch, but several of my classmates would throw pieces of their Peanut Butter sandwiches at me even though they knew I was allergic. I would then find a place to hide and sleep. Fast-forward to my teen years and a 6th entity would enter the picture...a Demon. 
Most of the time I would come home from school and lock myself in my room. My parents would tell me that nothing was happening. I had an overactive imagination they would say. I would later find out in my teen years that my mother had in fact believed me, but she didn't want to tell me because I may become more frightened. With my parents (at the time) saying they didn't believe me and almost never having friends, I went into depression at a very early age and constantly had anxiety. If I was invited to parties, I would only sit in the back and just observe. It was during this time that I barely knew how to interact with others. I was told that I had become what is called "emotionally numb" since that's all I felt was pain.

"No one ever listened or were to scared to admit what was true and being ignored ignorantly, but I learned not to give up hope. I thought my mom was wasting her time with John and his group, but thank God we crossed paths. For once in my life I am not afraid to talk about the truth, and admire the people from Uini Research."
                                                                                    - THEA (NEW YORK)
​I had some friends during my teen years. We would hang out a lot, but they did not want me to hang around with others they knew because they wanted to injure me. In one case, I could not attend one of their sleep over parties because several of the people they were friends with were going to wait until I went to bed, place firecrackers down my pants and ignite them. To think, this all stemmed from my first encounter with a negative entity and speaking up about it. As a result, I have chosen to spend my life focusing on understanding the paranormal so that so that others may see the true affect that these experience and type of life has on others. I never had a childhood, but it is my intention to ensure others in the future will not live the same way I did.