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                    MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS!

        If you purchase any of the memberships you will get what is called "Paranormal Research Credit". Paranormal Research Credit (PRC) is similar to cash, but without the physical money. You can choose to use your PRC for an event at any time. You also do not need to use it all at once. By attending our events, you will receive PRC.

       If someone signs up for our membership and references you, PRC will added to your bank based off the membership they sign up for.

      Monthly interest will be added to your PRC. 5% is added per month to your total PRC bank. This is a starting number and won't go lower than 5%. PRC interest will fluctuate depending the success of events. The more successful the events, the more chances that the interest level will increase for everyone! (Success = Event Attendance) PRC interest can also increase or decrease individually as well. The more events you attend and the more people you refer to the membership program, the more your PRC interest will be.

     If you don't use any PRC that year it will roll over to your next year so long as your renew your membership. You will also receive an additional specified amount of PRC in your account when you renew your membership every year. You may not "cash" this out. This not physical money, but more of a different type of discount.


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