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Judi - New York State
Everything presented has far exceeded my expectations. The amount of work, dedication, and mind-boggling information has really made an impact on my life. I've had the direct pleasure of working alongside the Founder and he is such a knowledgeable and respectable man I am honored to call, friend. He has surpassed so many obstacles and seemingly impossible mountains to get where he is today, and what an amazing feat! He has taught me so much, helped me overcome any stigma's I have ever had towards the paranormal field, and aided in my growth as a human being to discover more than meets the eye. 

I have also had the pleasure of attending their presentations, and it is jam-packed and full of amazing research and information that will roll your socks up and down. Funny visuals aside, there is never a dull moment, and there is a good sense of humor to go along with those difficult topics. I look forward to seeing where this takes Paranormal Puzzle next!
Ellen - Texas 
So last night I had a conversation with John Griffin II about an issue that has plagued me for years now, with attacks by negative entities when I work on a certain somewhat high profile project with a level of disclosure. I didn't know that was what had been happening as I thought it was an issue with my house. He got straight to the bottom of it in one conversation. It was a serious issue with a lot of things impeding a project I've been working on that's very important to me. He was able to pinpoint exactly what the issue was and already today I have started to resolve it in big ways, and changes have already started to occur. He even knew things without me telling him everything. I am shocked that he was able to diagnose and help me start to resolve the problem and I feel better than ever about this issue that is starting to resolve after years of having no answers. I really did not know what the problem was, and as soon as he told me, I knew it was correct. Today I had a big breakthrough in this project. My hard drive wasn't working where I had a lot of the data saved, and today it mysteriously worked again after doing what he prescribed. Also, the area around my house where I work on the project has a different feel and I can more easily get through the bugs. I can't thank you enough, John!

"Our goal is to be there for anyone who needs us regardless of distance. Uini Research is proud to have provided many people across the entire world with caring and compassionate service."
                                              - JOHN GRIFFIN II - DIRECTOR / FOUNDER
Richard - Australia 
Read the book and loved it, surprised to get a mention with the Torah Codes, all part of the Puzzle.
Monica - New York 
I recently attended the Paranormal Puzzle support group through Meetup.com. I felt very comfortable meeting in the chosen public place . The leader of the group, John Griffin II, was very welcoming. The other participant, Reggie, was also very open and welcoming. I felt early into the evening, that I was safe to talk about about my paranormal experiences and encouraged to fully express myself. They both listened without judgement and shared information openly with me. I felt heard and respected throughout the entire evening. I believe they are both genuinely interested in the truth of the paranormal and hearing of the experiences of others. I truly look forward to our next meeting together and would encourage others to attend as well.