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"Our goal is to be there for anyone who needs us regardless of distance. Uini Research is proud to have provided many people across the entire world with caring and compassionate service."
                                              - JOHN GRIFFIN II - DIRECTOR / FOUNDER

David - New York State
I enjoy paranormal puzzle. You're not judged or laughed at. Some serious conversations about the Paranormal. Making new friends with the same thoughts and beliefs. I've learned a lot of new stuff from John Griffin. And learned a lot of interesting things from Reggie Glidden
Reginald Glidden Jr - New York State - Intuitive Consultant - Uini Research
My name is Reginald Glidden Jr and I am an Intuitive Consultant. During my time of being a part of the Uini Research team I have learned to investigate things I see and not just accept what I believe I'm seeing. I have begun questioning a lot more since being a part of this group. This has been a good experience and I recommend that someone interested in the paranormal to join this group.
Thea - New York State 
Myself and my family are not your usual family. My mom, most of all has protected us as a family from ridicule, as well as my dad. We aren’t your typical family. We have had to learn to live with the paranormal since I can remember. My mom taught us to be careful about who we shared our lives with to protect us from many who did not understand the absolute torment we had to live with since I can remember. Our whole lives we’re a secret. My mom met John and honestly I didn’t think things would change. No one ever listened or were to scared to admit what was true and being ignored ignorantly, but I learned not to give up hope. I thought my mom was wasting her time with John and his group, but thank God we crossed paths. For once in my life I am not afraid to talk about the truth, and admire the people from Uini Research. They listened and heard us. I know now we aren’t alone in these battles and sure now with our new friends that we will win the spiritual war. It’s great when someone hears you for the FIRST time. Thanks Uini Research!
Evie - Belgium  
I have met John in 2016. I wasn't feeling at my best, and he offered to talk and tried to make me feel better. I bought a copy of his book Signs Beyond the Veil, which I very much enjoyed. He always find time to answer your questions. I love his passion about the it all ,his knowledge of religion and science and the 'out of the box's thinking.
Milinda - Pennsylvania   
I was always interested in the paranormal ever since I was young. I grew up watching shows and movies that dealt with the paranormal. I always just thought it was about ghosts and demons, until I read Paranormal Puzzle: Signs Beyond the Veil. Now my whole paranormal view just on "ghost and demons" took a 360 degree turn. I absolutely love how John describes the paranormal being a puzzle and how we are all a piece of it. As I read page by page, I literally outlined almost every line, in every paragraph. The science and the research was perfection in my mind because there was things I never even pondered or thought about. I , still to this day, was blown away about the facts and how it all comes together. I look forward to more of his books.