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Tina - New York State
I would like to say that the course that was given by John was fascinating , and a lot of ways . what I thought about the paranormal and what I have experienced for myself personally differed from some of the knowledge that I took from course one.

What I took away from this course was not only the questions you need to ask yourself when something paranormal happens to yourself, but what questions you actually ask yourself when a client tells you what they are experiencing and what the questions you need to ask to piece together what is actually happening. I think John has got it right there are so many different pieces of the puzzle of different paranormal experiences that you need to think outside the box of the information that is given to you by the story the client is telling you.

What I would tell anybody that sees this page if you are interested in knowing more about the paranormal and not just what you hear and see on the TV shows this is the page to learn from . How I can describe the paranormal puzzle is just like what I experience every day with my children on the autistic spectrum , there are many levels of autism just as there's many levels of the paranormal that you have to decipher through when a client is speaking to you about their particular story. You need to figure out the puzzle of every story .. No story is the same or experience that a particular client has experienced you have to look at each individual claim and think about the stats that you can take from what the client tells you and go from there. Each client that experiences the paranormal is just like John said it is a puzzle you take the stat from each claim and piece together what the answers to the questions you ask. Not everything falls under The paranormal this is why it's important to take the stats from each individual claim and break it down from simple to complex. That's the biggest thing I learned from this course. Excellent job John I believe you are fulfilling the purpose you are here for collecting the evidence of each paranormal experience if it falls under that and breaking it down to do the correct investigation to get the correct results.

I can't wait to receive your book in the mail so I can learn more about what you know and the research that you have put in that book . I'm sure is going to open my and many other eyes that read your book .and appreciate the information more to your hard work and dedication to the paranormal , and give me more knowledge for the personal experiences that I have had in my life with the paranormal.
I have known John for at least eight years now and what I have learned from him and just recently is priceless and meaningful information about how complex the paranormal can actually be. I think the word puzzle best describes the levels of paranormal John talks about in the course one that I just took very informational.

Thank you John Griffin II I admire your hard work and knowledge that you have done over the years that I've known you.


"Our goal is to be there for anyone who needs us regardless of distance. Uini Research is proud to have provided many people across the entire world with caring and compassionate service."
                                              - JOHN GRIFFIN II - DIRECTOR / FOUNDER
Dr. John Foldy - New York State - University at Albany and Schenectady County Community College

(R.I.P. 04/25/2014)
Thank you for everything! We are forever in your debt.