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"Our goal is to be there for anyone who needs us regardless of distance. Uini Research is proud to have provided many people across the entire world with caring and compassionate service."
                                              - JOHN GRIFFIN II - DIRECTOR / FOUNDER
Tammy - New York State
I met John Griffin several years ago when in that time of my life needed someone like him and his team to listen. I had been living in secret for many years. I was afraid to speak out or even reach out for the help because I seen the cruelty of people judging what they don't understand. What was pretend and nightmares to others was a reality to me. 

I have been tormented for years by the paranormal and was taught never to speak of it. I was to fight it with no help and no one to turn to. I did not reach out to Uini Research; they reached out to me. How they learned about my dilemma is unimportant. The fact they to turned to me and reassured me I was not crazy, that everything I was experiencing was real was my biggest blessing. They were kind and they actually listened and told me things I could not even figure out myself.

They came to me, did an investigation and did the investigative history they needed to, including investigating my claims. I was not offended, but actually honored that they took the time to scientifically prove my claim is for real. Since the day I met them, I am not only a client, but also a friend. I would advise anyone to turn to them because they are kind, understanding and most of all, thorough!
Thomas - New York State 
First of all I'd like to say that the Paranormal course one that I took was probably one of the most engaging and fascinating views on the Paranormal that I've ever had. the way the course functions and the way it's presented are beyond anything I've ever seen. the course was very knowledgeable opened my eyes to statistics and situations that I never thought could ever come up in an investigation or in a research like atmosphere. I truly enjoyed every minute of it and cannot wait for course number 2 and I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in the Paranormal field. I very much appreciate the opportunity to be involved in the course and I truly look forward to the future with the paranormal team that we have. John you and I have been through a lot together when it comes to our friendship over the past 13 years. Between you guiding me into the field itself and the amount of knowledge that you had even then that you gave to me to even now when we both have grown with the knowledge and experience that has been gained, you still surprise me with all the amazing things that have happened and im truly blessed and honored to be a part of a team that is so well educated in this field of study.
Ginny - New York State 
When I joined the Congregation of Paranormal Revelations and Paranormal Puzzle group I was told it right off the bat that we all have our own knowledge, ideas of what paranormal is and personal experiences of things that cannot be explained. The group of people we have in this group accept everyone else's thoughts. We all contribute our ideas without criticism from anyone. We can speak freely. We all contribute our own ideas. One person's views that are shared leads to another person's views and it all seems to bring us to another part of the puzzle. We seem to start off on one subject and jump to another which is all related to the paranormal puzzle. I enjoy talking with people who understand some of the things that I have experienced and listening to others experiences with the paranormal.

Plus, I enjoy ordering pizza with my new friends and laughing and having fun!